14Aug21: Andy shows his paw…

Treat time is an important time of day. Ask a kitty!

Andy’s ornery? You have to ask?

The little poop makes me open the cabinet door now. LOL!

Andy makes me play a fiendish cat game….


24 thoughts on “14Aug21: Andy shows his paw…

  1. And I thought Pyshka was the only one who keeps opening kitchen cabinet doors. But she is not as good as Mr Andy; she leaves them open. None of my cats have ever done that.
    Kitty treat time is always now!

      • Yes, Dougy died last year in July. This look back at that sweet soul in the early years has been my way of putting my grief to rest. I did have a joy-filled time when Dougy was tearing things apart and being Andy’s brother.

          • I think your comment was just fine! Anyone unfamiliar with Dougy’s death – new subscribers – need to be updated on that fact when I post old material with Dougy in it. If you hadn’t made a comment to that effect, I would have when I came across the first comment before you.

    • I have been blessed, though, as franhunne4u, who’s followed the kitty boys for years notes, poor Dougy now longer is with us.

        • Yes, he was. Reviewing the videos has helped me sort out my loss, replacing the sadness with the joy his time with me brought. It’s fun, too, seeing how Andy and Dougy interacted and how his behavior now shows his evolution into a more confident kitty.

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