27Dec21: bird TV…

Andy was busy when I put up the birdie video….

…but he became interested when he heard bird chatter!

Yeah, catch the birdie!

Or just watch them and save your dignity!

11 thoughts on “27Dec21: bird TV…

  1. Hahaha, Andy, you’re so close yet still so far! 😀 So adorable. <3

    I have an orange cat that does the same except he tries to catch whatever moves on the screen, especially if it's an old video game. I also like to drive my cats up the wall by playing other cat sounds so when they end up looking around, I cackle like a maniac. Oh, it drives them (and me) crazy.

    • I did the cat sounds once, and the late Louie the ginger tabby looked and looked for the cat in distress. He decided it was coming from a box fort he always liked to go into, and never used the box for anything again. I felt bad about that. Louie was such a sweet-natured kitty, I felt terrible to cause him any distress.

      I think Louie would have enjoyed kitty videos if I had known about them back then. He enjoyed window watching birds, though, and he was a part time outside cat that had lots of trees to check for birds. (I don’t approve of that, but he was a shelter cat that had been an outside cat before I got him. Andy and Dougy, his successors, never got to be outside cats.)

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