15Feb22: bed, next day…

Same old same old, even up to Andy’s classic “paws outstretched” sleeping pose.

Then he catches on: Doug’s taking his photo again. Andy gives me the “creepy eye”!

“Oh no! Where did Andy go?” Andy tries hiding in full view. Silly cat!

21 thoughts on “15Feb22: bed, next day…

    • Both places!

      Andy would be upset with someone sitting on the recliner – he hops on it and glares at them, then climbs on the back and walks back and forth, sniffing their hair and making his presence known.

      Under the footrest, he just makes putting the footrest down so one can sit in the recliner possible without gymnastics! LOL!

    • No one is allowed to use the recliner but Andy, says Andy, but this is one reason to be aware of how he uses the space under the recliner in case a stranger visits and wants to sit there…

    • Yes, Andy prefers the end table, the ottoman Dougy preferred as long as the lapboard’s on it, and any place there’s a newspaper or magazine on the floor. Boxes, too, because “cat”!

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