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    • Dictators often meet tragic (for them, not us!) ends. It’s a rare happy end for dictators (dying in office, like Franco). I hope the Ukrainians push Putin into the final downward spiral by killing so many Russian soldiers, destroying so much war materiel the citizens of Russia protest till they reclaim their country

    • I hope you don’t have family there still – or am I mistaken? It seems you mentioned a connection with Odessa once. As a Jewish person, you must feel proud of Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy. He is an inspiration for what a leader can be, should be in such times. I am impressed with the man, and glad the Ukrainians have such a leader when they need such a leader. I think they will come out of this invasion in better shape than the Russians, for sure.

      • We don’t have anybody left there, neither family, nor friends, but my heart is breaking for every victim of this imperialistic idiocy. Zelensky is Jewish, and for a Jew to become a president, and such an upstanding one at the time of strife, and in the historically antisemitic environment is a great achievement that deserves the highest accolades.

        • Not to mention he was taken as a joke by many because he was a comedian before becoming president. Then when times grew grim, he turned into what I’d call the best leader possible. He could have exited the country, but he’s chosen to stay and fight! Talk about inspiring his fellow Ukrainians! Putin can’t top that, no matter what. No matter how it turns out and how long it takes, Zelenskyy will be honored with statues one day! In glad you don’t have family or friends there now and join you in prayful recognition of how grim it is for the citizens of Ukraine now and for the foreseeable future.

    • Thank you. I tried a few options and “incredulous” captures that ears back, “I can’t believe what I see on the television” look Andy has in the second photo best.

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