Post 1154: Dougy is wrapped up on me…

Dougy the kitten used to put his front paw on my arm when he slept by me on the computer desk. Now that he is a mature cat, he steps it up and wraps both front and hind legs around my arm. So much for using the mouse or much else! (So I did manage to take the photo with my smart phone, using my left hand and left thumb. Even I was amazed!)

92216 dougy hugs arm 1.jpg

Oh well, come winter, I’ll appreciate the arm warmer!

29 thoughts on “Post 1154: Dougy is wrapped up on me…

    • Yes, that’s true. He’s been wrapping himself on me since kittenhood, and the photo I have of him as a kitten that’s framed and on my wall across from the computer is of teeny Dougy wrapped on my arm! I love that image! The one I have of Andy is typical, too. Kitten Andy is standing on my keyboard looking straight out at me. I love that image of him, too!

  1. Livonia Ross – I hit that mystery spot on my keyboard that trashes comments. The thing that really torques me off about it is there is an “Undo” place to click on that never restores the comment. The essence of the comment you posted was that Dougy has me wrapped around his paw; my =response is that yes, he does!

  2. hahahahaha….you don’t need that hand anyway. Reminds me of Kali when we’re in bed. She likes to have her hind paws touching me but if I interfere with her space, those little pawsd can kick pretty hard.


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  3. From the days ….. long long ago ….. when I had kitties of my own I remember they did like to wrap all fours around my arm. I discovered they even liked being carried about the house in this fashion …. me walking …. them wrapped around my arm ….. holding on for dear life and apparently enjoying every minutes of it.

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