14Apr22: still no mousies in the kitchen cabinets…

Andy prepares for his important kitty business in the kitchen.

Yes, thanks to Andy (he thinks) there are no mousies in the kitchen cabinets.

Of course, since he chased away the imaginary mousies, he expects a real Greenies kitty treat!

23 thoughts on “14Apr22: still no mousies in the kitchen cabinets…

  1. Cats know that preventative inspection is an important part of keeping a house vermin free. Aftrer all – here you have a professional mouser available. Trust in Andy. Andy knows what’s best. Now for get the nip. Mousing is very tiring work.

  2. Andy is a good mouse patrol kitty. 🙂 I think we have one that has broken into one of the heating ducts. The cats were all clustered over a floor vent, staring into it. Not a good sign. I think there are mouse people down there. 🙂

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