22Apr 22: Andy’s happy time…

Andy spotted me near the dining area cat tree.

He immediately climbed onto the top perch.

“You know the routine, Doug!” (I just noticed the fur under his mouth is wet, a problem Persians endure when drinking from fountains.)

Aw, yes! Andy loves to be “scritched”, especially the fabulous up-and-down-the-backbone “scritch”. He’d let me do that for minutes if my fingers didn’t rebel!

25 thoughts on “22Apr 22: Andy’s happy time…

  1. Just like Cyril, when he’s had enough, Doug. I always got the message went to stop. Mind you, that wouldn’t stop him diving on me in my sleep, if he fancied a bit of scritching. Haha!

    • He never lets me pass that spot without hopping onto the top perch. Yes, he love, love, loves to get this particular attention!

    • That’d take Mom and Dad hours to do, your backs are so big! Andy’s takes a few minutes till he raises a paw to let me know I can stop the lovin’ LOL! He literally raises a paw and puts i8n on my hand. If I ignore his warning, he rabbit punches my hand with his hand paws, too. Now, that’s a serious warning!

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