23Apr22: Dang those whiskers!

Andy is very interested in having this blade of grass!

His first attempt is thwarted by his whiskers.

Try and try again, but those dang whiskers get in the way!

I fold the blade in two, and Andy has a bit better success. Eventually, he manages to chew off part of the blade. It isn’t easy having a Persian’s short muzzle. The trick is getting the blade between his back teeth. Get it there, and he can chew some blade off. Even then, as you can see in the photo, you have to get it under the whiskers. 

28 thoughts on “23Apr22: Dang those whiskers!

  1. This so reminded me of my Sisters Phooey, albeit he was white, he had the same problems. He was a gorgeously friendly thing. Much missed as you understand. Cheers, Doug,

    • That’s a favorite here, too! I took several in a row to try to get something that was reasonably in focus, and this was one of the happy accidents.

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