11May22: Maybe we played too long, you think?

Andy’s played for several minutes now.

I tossed the Neko toys his way again; he swatted once…


Then he took a nap, his toy secured under his paw.

17 thoughts on “11May22: Maybe we played too long, you think?

    • There’s a lot of truth to that, Lou. I’ve learned (from all the cats I’ve had) that when I’m tired, I need to listen to my body and take a nap. Of course, being retired, that’s simple enough to accomplish.

    • Actually, I’d always been one of those people who gave, gave, gave at work, only to learn people like me had parasites who took, took, took. Once I realized I was being manipulated, sweet talked into wearing myself out working but not getting promotions and raises that rewarded that effort, I returned to giving exactly100% effort. LOL! Amazingly, I still got exactly the same treatment, the same raises, only I found that more acceptable because it was just right for the effort I put into the work.
      I would have worked better at home, which my work would have allowed mostly, saving me the office politics and the knives in the back. How this applies to cats…well, we get back to they know exactly how long they want to do anything, then they take a cat bath or a catnap, to hell with the human!

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