15Aug22: smoke Persian…

Andy is a smoke Persian. Sometimes, that characteristic doesn’t show well, especially when he’s short haired after a grooming.

Lately, I’ve noticed his ruff shows classic smoke Persian light shading. Hints of that “smoke” show elsewhere – all over – my little guy. He’s quite pretty for it!

24 thoughts on “15Aug22: smoke Persian…

    • Andy is flattered to be compared with that famous piece of art!

      A strange note: a copy of that piece in front of the Cleveland Museum of Art was vandalized with explosives several years ago. The damaged art was left in place, damage unrepaired. Given this is America, with a strange puritanical bent, I bet the objection to a statue of a nude man in a public place was the reason for the attempt to destroy it, but the authorities never caught the vandal as far as I know.

    • I almost am tempted to cancel his grooming appointment to preserve that look, but his groomer is so busy, I’d never get another appointment. The other groomer doesn’t take cats. I don’t know about the ones in nearby towns.

    • It’s become more noticeable the older he gets and the longer his hair grows. His late brother, Dougy, showed the smoke characteristic a bit more that Andy used to, but his ruff was fuller.

    • Me, too! Until I got Andy and the late Dougy, hadn’t heard or seen a cat with the characteristic. Google “smoke Persian” and you can see just how distinctive it can be. Andy’s “smoke” is more grey than some smoke Persians. Many come in more white.

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