24Aug22: Caught!

When I came home from a little drive, I discovered my kitty boy’d helped himself to the kitty toys. He pulled his favorite toy out of the ZipLoc bag, of course!

Not that Andy was a bad kitty. No, I approve of him being active, playing, running around.

I don’t approve of him doing it unsupervised, though. I need to be more conscientious about stowing his toys away when I’m away from home.

23 thoughts on “24Aug22: Caught!

  1. Aww… my cats won’t touch that particular toy. Good for Andy!!

    Nearly every inch of my floor has some sort of cat toy on it. I am barely exaggerating! There are often toys in the shower!

    • 😆 I’ve given up on having a clean floor. Toys and play augment stuff (newspapers and magazines) are what I steop over and on all day. Andy likes to “hunt” for mousies in the newspapers in particular. They get shredded up and nasty fairly fast. Good thing I don’t have lots of visitors here!

    • Andy knows where I keep them, but they usually are secured enough to thwart creatures without opposable thumbs! 😆 You are very correct about unsupervised play. They are like toddlers when it comes to making the home safe for them.

  2. Our cats have a “toy box” which is really a small basket that we keep their toys in. They have the freedom to take out toys as they please but they rarely put them away.

    • Some of the toys in the ZipLoc bag are potential trips to the veterinarian if playe d with unsupervised. One example is simple string, always a biggie in Andy’s play world.

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