22Oct22: …waiting for a good “skritch”, then…

Andy let me know he wants me to follow him to the kitchen. First, he scratches the cactus scratching post. Then he hops on the red walker in the foreground. A short ride to the computer chair, then he hops on the computer chair back to wait.

Yes, I have to “scritch” him and tell him what a wonderful kitty boy he is.

I know the routine: go into the kitchen and prepare kitty food. Then I put it down in a spot to the left of the secrétaire you see in the upper lefthand of the photo.

I tell Andy, “Here’s the kitty food and you are the only kitty here!” I head back to the front room, stopping to “scritch” Andy again and bump heads with him. “Purr! Purr! Purr!” says Andy.

When he’s ready, he heads over to eat the kitty food. You know kitties: routine is important!


For the record, Andy looks ruffled because I took the photo after I “scritched” him up and down his back.