13FOct22: an update…

Andy had a visit with his veterinarian yesterday morning. I have an appointment for today to get the full report on the $420 worth of evaluations and the extensive blood tests. Andy’s veterinarian had so many patients yesterday the separate appointment to review Andy’s report became necessary, though he did let me know most of his tests were acceptable.

Happiest of all: the eye drops brought the pressure in his eyes – the glaucoma – into the normal range! His blood pressure, on the other hand, was high.

I still feel the blood pressure issue is partly “white coat syndrome” – the stress of being at his doctor’s. I probably will have to give him medication for blood pressure, but I will find out what his veterinarian wants later today.

Andy was a very bad kitty when I had to get him ready to go, but he made up for it by being very good when I put drops in his eyes later. I’ve returned to the technique of swaddling him in a heavy towel when I medicate him. That’s worked well with Andy over the years.

Technically, “white coat syndrome” should be “red coat syndrome” in the instance of Andy’s doctor’s usual dress. Note Andy’s posture. He never moves much from that position except when they check his blood pressure five, six times to get an average. He freaks out!