30Oct22: Yeah, Andy’s ready for supper!

Not too appetizing, I guess, but Andy got pretty excited when I said “kitty food”.

Afterwards, Andy came back into the front room.

It was tasty and Andy licked his face to get the last of his supper.


Some friends worry I spend all my time at home with my cat. Yes, that’s largely true, yet I do get together with a regular group of old friends for lunch and talk. We talk about our cats, among other things. LOL! I had a nice meal with a tall red beer yesterday.

Red beer, which is nothing more than tomato juice and beer mixed. 

Yesterday, it was a variation I’d never seen before, red beer with the addition of three olives. I skipped the olives and had mine straight. Of course, adding salt and or pepper are other variations. I’ve made it with V-8, a tomato + celery, beets, watercress, spinach, sweet potatoes, purple carrots and many more unique vegetables are blended in this product.

All told, tomato juice by itself and beer by itself still are best, but red beer is one of those things I feel like when I want to cut down on the amount of alcohol I’m having with lunch and because the predominant taste is the juice, not the beer.