11Dec22: the stop by…

Andy stopped by.

I guess he plans on staying awhile.


We’re getting closer to Andy’s 19th of December grooming appointment. He really needs it this time since the last appointment had to be cancelled by his groomer because of an equipment issue in her mobile business van. I set up the appointments for once every three months because that’s about how long he can go before his hair starts matting. 

A major snowstorm is predicted for here next Tuesday. Ugh!  


17 thoughts on “11Dec22: the stop by…

  1. Andy enjoys that recliner chair. I am glad he lets you use it too, Doug. 🙂

    I hope you are well provisioned in advance of the storm, and do not have to go out. Stay safe and enjoy the scenery, and hopefully the power stays on.

    • Andy gets upset when anyone uses the recliner…

      Yes, I have sufficient things on hand for a fairly long bout of bad weather. I went to store just last week.

    • Yes, the snow will cause some disruptions for more people than me. I can pretty much avoid getting out in it till after it’s past and roads are plowed.

  2. I have seen the storm approaching the northern states on TWC today.I hope that Andy can get his hair trimmed soon, Doug. There are no snowstorms here except in the mountains where it belongs.

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