10Feb23: sneaking up on kitty…

Minding his own business…

…Andy didn’t…

…expect a “boop”.

He moved out of range. Boops are nice, but only when you expect and want them!


I’ve had a new printer for about a month now. This has been the year of new technology replacing old technology that pooped out. I’ve put off setting it up. It seems each time I have to set up a new printer, there are ridiculous complications! I need the dang thing, though, so I guess I’d best better just suck it up and see what this one takes to be usable. My fingers are crossed.

This is in response to easyweimaraner’s observation:


20 thoughts on “10Feb23: sneaking up on kitty…

    • I had to unpack and set it up last night to print a form I need to complete and take with me to renew my driver’s license. Two and three-quarters hours later, I survived set up. It was an ordeal. After most of the time passed, the wee screen flashed that there was a weak Wi-Fi signal, that I should try another location. That done, the connection happened with no drama. (Well, none from the printer, but I reacted with some.)

  1. I like the last two photos, purrrfect! 👍🏻😂 I despise working with printers too, Doug, my printer is set up to run wireless so that I can print from the Mac, iPad or iPhone.

    • I had to set it up last night because I needed to print a form I need to take with me when I get my driver’s license renewed. It was the ordeal I expected, but it now is working through a Wi-Fi connection. The password to establish the link is 17 letters and numbers long, and I had to re-enter that SOB on that teeny tiny screen, using arrows to move the cursor at least 17 times before the link worked.

  2. Mr Andy looks more like his adorable self as his hair is growing back.
    I’ve gotten used to the concept that every new device brings with it a new set of challenges, but I have been wondering why I’ve never had such issues with kitchen appliances. Even the most sophisticated, with lots of programmable features, work like magic for me.

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