19Feb23: paper [kitty] boy…

One thing about it…

Andy love, love, loves the newspaper!


Another month rushing to an end! I can’t believe where the days have gone in February.

One thing I got taken care of is renewal of my driving license. Since my coming birthday will be my 75th, the state has the option of requiring additional testing of everything from mental state to eyes to ability to careen down the road in a hunk of metal.

Once you pass the various evaluations, you may be required to take a driving test or the written test. A lot of these are left to the judgement of the examiners. I must be a charming son of a gun because I didn’t have to do any extras other than filling out a form giving my name, address, and a few other minor details, then a simple vision test. 

The renewed license is good for five years, a duration that seems a bit excessive to me, but, what the heck, I’ll take it! I hope, however, I have the good sense to stop driving if my ability to drive a car safely diminishes in that period.

16 thoughts on “19Feb23: paper [kitty] boy…

    • It is less likely to happen now that I am on dialysis, but not impossible. For the most part, though, any place I’d like to visit or se is well within a day trip. Many sections of the highways to those places have speed limits up to113 kph. Once the places I’d like to visit are near, the speed limits are about half that for a short distance. I live in a very historic area and one this paleontologically interesting and significant Miocene era fossil digs. Both are within an hour or so drive of my home.

  1. Got through my 75th bday with no problems, except that my Car Insurance rates were automatically raised despite no claims or tickets.

    • yeah, that may turn out to be my reward for decades of no tickets or claims. There is an Italian saying: A thousand probabilities don’t make one fact! Of course, if you are an insurance actuary, one probability is as good as a fact.

  2. Andy is a well read kitty!

    I agree, you will have sense when it is time to give up the wheel, Doug. I remember hearing a story from a gas station attendant about how her 95 year old grandmother was driving a large pickup truck, and only gave it up when she could no longer climb up into the cab.

    • I drive a small European station wagon, a VW Golf SportWagen, which is easy to get into and out – and is zippy fun to drive! – so that is a concern for when I get to the point I need to stop driving!

  3. Maybe it’s the smell of the newspaper that Andy loves? My dad will be 95 in 2 months and still drives but not well in my opinion. You’ll do fine in five years, Doug. 👍🏻

    • Me, too, Leah! I anticipated a driving test, maybe a written test at the least. The State of Nebraska makes renewal for five years too easy.

    • I hope so.

      My father was legally blind by the time he gave up his license. He and my mother, I learned after the fact, took a trip to Rapid Citty, a three-hour drive then, with my mother serving as his eyes because she didn’t like driving in city traffic. Gad!

      I had more than enough vacation days when they took the trip to Rapid City that, had they asked, I gladly would have made the trip for them, but their excuse was “we ask too much of Doug”!

      My mother, again after the fact, told me she gave up driving on her 24 February birthday because the November before she’d nearly backed over a mother and child in a mall parking lot!

      Their car had a long dent on the passenger side from front fender to rear fender that they couldn’t account for.

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