Post 1448: Andy in videos…

Andy is a sweet-natured kitty, but he has an ornery side, too.

The title of this video says it all!

Andy’s curiosity is boundless…!

I have to watch Andy closely when it comes to crinkly or clear packaging because he “mouths” it, and will try to eat it if I don’t take it away. Darn kitty!

Andy defers to Dougy when it comes to kitty playtime. I have to either play with him when Dougy isn’t around or wear Dougy down to the point Andy feels comfortable coming in to play. Here’s a time I found Andy alone and we had a great playtime!

This is my all time favorite Andy video. I’ve posted it before, but I post it now to remind us all that Andy, named after St. Andrew the apostle and patron saint of Scotland, is a genuinely sweet little guy. He’s a bit shy, but totally lovable. 

On the other hand, Andy is all cat! I hope you enjoyed this little tribute day to Andy.


I know Andy doesn’t appear as often in these posts compared with the more extroverted Dougy. This, I hope, helps remind you this is a two-cat blog, and Andy is a full partner in “kittiness” with his brother Dougy!

27 thoughts on “Post 1448: Andy in videos…

  1. With all due respect, we feel that you contributed to that tooth mark on your finger, Mr. Doug. You were playing and Andy had more sharp parts than you do. Sincerely, Snoops and Kommando Kitty

    • Exactly! Maybe it reminds them of reptile skin or something “licky” like that. Andy really has to be watched so he doesn’t get into it. A while back, there was a cookie package among some groceries, and he started out licking it, then I noticed him trying to carry it off! I hand to physically remove it from his mouth, the little rascal. The other day, I saw some cat barf on the floor in the bathroom, and there was a candy wrapper like you find on packaged Lifesavers. He apparently found one I failed to notice fell out of a container I was putting them in so he didn’t get into them. I was very unhappy with myself!

    • Thanks! Half the fun of making the videos is pulling together different elements.

      As a US Army motion picture photographer back in the early 1970s, I got to do the photography part, but never saw any of my footage in a completed form, with narration and music.

      I did learn, however, to tell a story with motion pictures, so it was a small step to add music.

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