12Mar23: it’s a lapboard morning…

I stop by to watch Doug do what Doug does.

That’s less interesting than a scent left on the lapboard. What is it?

That was exhausting! Time for a kitty nap!

Nap’s done. Time to watch Doug again. Maybe he’ll bring out kitty toys! Hint! Hint!

No toys, but he did touch my nose!

Away on important kitty business.

Checking up on what Doug was doing while I was away.

A sound! time to leave the lapboard to check out the sound. It might be that cabinet mousie!


There is no mouse in the cabinet, yet Andy never gives up hope of finding one there. After he checks the cabinets out, however, it’s time to take another nap. Or maybe eat a Greenie or two. It’s complicated being a wee kitty!

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