04Apr23: April Fool’s?

Andy wanted me to follow him into the kitchen.

I’d already fed him and given him kitty treats so it made no sense to follow him. I ignored him as long as I could, then…

…I opened the front door at his insistence.


Snow Frog doesn’t lie! Where’s the snow?


All day I expected a foot or so of snow and lots of blizzardy-level winds, yet here, at 7:15 pm of the first day of the April blizzard, I look out the front door to virtually no snow! April Fool’s Blizzard? At least in Alliance that seems to be the case. All day, I read about the road conditions all around the area, and everyone else was living through hell. I assumed we were too, though I didn’t verify by looking outside.

There’s roughly 24 hours left on the blizzard warning. Will Snow Frog be buried in snow at this time tomorrow evening?

15 thoughts on “04Apr23: April Fool’s?

    • This morning – the 5th of May – there was only a skiff of snow. I hope this means my town lucked out and just got the edge of the storm. I can handle the cold, but got stuck in snow the last storm.

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