06Jun23: Andy must verify!

“Hello, Andy!”

Yes, my nose tells me you are Doug. Hello!

This is a new arrangement of things here. Must investigate.

Works for me!


…to take a refreshing nap by the door!


My favorite rose is this heirloom yellow climbing rose.

Every year, it puts on a glorious show just outside my bathroom window! It’s in bloom now.

Andy enjoys this rose bush, too, because it is a favorite perch of neighborhood birds. Need I say more! He perches on the windowsill and waits for the bird show.

32 thoughts on “06Jun23: Andy must verify!

    • The only threat to roses here is an occasional bunny, I guess. There are cottontails that come around, though I don’t think they are rose eaters when they have gardens to raid! Andy is enthusiastic about the rabbits and probably would be a hazard to them if I let him outside….

  1. That fabulous plume of a tail!
    The roses are gorgeous. We cats love roses! Some of us, like Beba and Pyshka, also like to nibble on them. I suppose, all girls love roses, even feline girls.

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