07Jun23: so pooped…

Some days…

…Andy is so tired!


We’re not supposed to park on the grass. The alternative for me is more falls and possible injuries otherwise on the broken-up pavement between my apartment and the place I have to park. I’ll park on the grass.

31 thoughts on “07Jun23: so pooped…

    • I took it into my own hands. I got tired of falls between the place I used to park and my apartment. It was only a matter of time before I had a major injury.

  1. I don’t blame you for parking on the grass. You need to be careful. It is too bad your landlord is not more responsible.

  2. Poor Andy, he looks soooo tired! The second photo says it all, sweet kitty! I’ve never heard of the disease you mention, Doug. Be well my friend. 😊

    • They are aware of the reason. Cheaper to give me a parking spot there than to save the grass. All it would take is a serious injury on that broken pavement I kept having falls on to prove the point, it seems.

      Incidentally, it is “weggieboy”. The way you spelled, I become one of these people in the video, which I decidedly AM NOT! It’s unfortunate for me that I created that nickname before it occurred to me there might be confusion with the slightly differently spelled “wedgieboy”, which brings up one cat blog and tons of links to things like this video. I’m sure the “wedgie” folks are amused.

      At some point, once I’m confident it won’t lose people following me because of a name change, I’ll drop “weggieboy’s blog” for something less provocative and confusing. I’ve added my name to the title as a part of this transition. Next, it will be Doug G. Thomas’ [something not yet decided on].

      For the record, the “weggieboy” nickname goes back to 2009 and is a reference to a disease I have, Wegener’s granulomatosis, now called WG/GPA because of a trend not to name diseases after people who are somehow associated with the disease. In this instance, WG/GPA was name after a German pathologist who identified the disease in the 1930s. His association with the NAZIs came into the decision not to honor (?) him with this really nasty disease.

      Frankly, since it is so nasty, I think he deserves to get his name associated with it! It can be fatal in days if not treated. Before it was more familiar to doctor and treatments were determined, that typically is what happened to people who developed the disease. Treated, patients can survive for years. I’ve had it 20 years as of circa last March.

      As for “wedgies”, they mature, become adults doing adult things, having families, debt to pay down, etc. They can live into their 100s if lucky or die young. It isn’t one’s choice, just his or her fate and/or genetics.


      • I can’t view the link tright now.
        Sorry for the typo. I’ll try to remember the correct word!! That’s important because I remember written names, not so much on verbal info. So if we should meet IRL, I would call you Weggie, WeggieBoy, or WB, the whole time. And, yes, I answer to Leenda/LeendaDLL, though my legal name is different and, a couple yrs ago, I changed my social name to Bubbles.

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