05Jun23: Between Midnight and Dawn” wasn’t Andy’s cuppa tea….

I thought Andy would enjoy this “noir” film.

There was a really wild car chase of the out-of-control kind only 74-year-old cars could do, slipping and sliding around corners, careening out of control. Even that luxury Lincoln was pretty sloppy.

Oh, he tried to be interested… but between interesting parts there was face smooshing – kissing- and icky screeching that hurt his ears – singing – that he didn’t like.

Millers? Yeah! Two! So Andy thrashed away at his favorite insects for a time or two.

“This isn’t interesting, Doug.”

But there’s lots of that gratuitous violence and lots of people shot up, Andrew!

“Ho hum!”

Andy conked out well before the end of the movie. It just wasn’t his cuppa tea!


Between Midnight and Dawn” wasn’t my favorite noir movie. It had oddly constructed bad guys (“We know you are trying to hide the fact they really are supposed to be Italian Mafioso, but the film censors made you turn them into generic Anglo-looking and -sounding people. Also, we didn’t really think a cop slapping a gangster’s moll around was nice even back then….”).

The car chase was classic, with cars of the era barely staying on the road in corners. The pursuing cop car actually did close to a 240-degree slip-and-slide at one point! Loved it!

One of the good guys gets shot and dies before he can marry the office clerk, played by an actress more commonly associated with television comedies later in the fifties. That made her hard to place in the grim story plot. 

The dead officer’s buddy, at the end, is seen walking off just short of smooching the dead officer’s formerly intended bride; both are smiling, as if the mayhem of a shoot-out and hostage-taking a moment before was a picnic – again a censor’s touch because there seemed to be more of a bromance between the two police officers, something that wouldn’t cut it in a time when famous male leads were hiding in closets and marrying women “just in case”.

I won’t watch this stinker again. Says Andrew, “Pssss!

13 thoughts on “05Jun23: Between Midnight and Dawn” wasn’t Andy’s cuppa tea….

    • It is a point of contention, for sure! I watch all noir film broadcasts, great. good, lame, stinker. Sometimes you don’t know where the film will register till after watching it. (Yes, there are reviews on all these oldies. I don’t read them till later if there is some confusion in the story line or I wonder if my enthusiasm level seems off either way from Eddie Muller’s pre-showing comments.)

    • I agree! It’s been some time since I saw it, but your comment brought it back to me. I think I’ll see if it’s available online.

  1. Maybe he needs a Cat chasing a Dog and the Cat winning or something like that or better yet find a show with butterflies or Millers on it like on the nature channel.

    • I had a problem putting her in this movie because I always remember her television series. She was a delight to watch in those, very funny!

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