15Jul23: my first really “Kool Kat”…

Louie the ginger cat usually slept this way, tail curled inwards and some part of his body touching something solid. This photo popped up on a Facebook memory, making yesterday a happy-sad day for me since it marked the third anniversary of Dougy’s death. I have this photo on a coffee mug, but didn’t have a replacement digital photo any longer to send to the place that makes those mugs in case I break that rare mug. I go through a lot of mugs….

It was after Louie died (1Aug11) and I picked up his ashes at the veterinarian’s that I was introduced to the kitten Andy, a strange looking little mammal I couldn’t categorize. He was set down on the counter and he walked right over to me, beginning a new love in my life. “He’s a smoke Persian kitten,” Tara, Andy and Dougy’s mother’s human, helpfully noted.

Dougy came later when his mommy’s human offered this second kitten to me because he played well with Andy. The transition didn’t end my grief over Louie’s death, but it helped that I soon would be a kitten “mommy”, failing miserably to raise good kitty citizens.

 But they brought, Andy still brings, a lot of joy into my life and became the reason to continue blogging.

A New Zealand friend gave Louie a super hero cape on an otherwise dull photo of him sleeping on my computer chair. I have an enlargement of this photo hanging over the spot where the settee Dougy shredded was. It was a favorite spot of Louie’s.

Part of the reason Louie love, love, loved the settee was he could hang over the arm and look out the back door and enjoy birds in a fir tree and two apple trees.

This is the best remaining photo of Louie. He was magnificent!



36 thoughts on “15Jul23: my first really “Kool Kat”…

        • Like you, cats find me first. I would have waited for one or two ginger kittens after Louie died, he made such a positive impression on me, but I have no regrets about being given Andy and Dougy!

  1. Glad there was some counter to a blue day. Ginger cats are very special. When I lost my Simba it was tough. Then the rescue called and asked if I would take Mo. Two vets said he was dying and he couldn’t go back to PetSmart. I syringe fed him food and water every few hours for two weeks. He was worth it, not only was he ginger he had the personality of both Simba and my gentle Siamese Mosby. I too continue to live and write because of my cats, Even through just a few pictures Louie’s personality comes through.

  2. Awww! This post made me tear up! Sunny has convinced me that ginger kitties are truly super: they have tons of personality but are affectionate and seldom are aloof, as is the stereotype for cats. (I have never experienced that in any of mine: they might play hard to get when they’re mad at me but they all wanted to jump in my lap at the end of the day.)

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