Post 917: in which Dougy is a pest…

Maybe it was the catnip. Or maybe it was a wish to be adored and pampered. Whatever it was, Dougy hopped onto my computer desk and took over. What a pest!

Dougy's horns are up. I should expect trouble!

Dougy’s horns are up.
I should expect trouble!

“Acting innocent…”
Yeah, you bet!

“What’s up, Dougy? Why are you perched there?”
Dougy ignores me, but he takes over my work zone. I can’t ignore him!

“Was ist los, Douglas? Why do you torment me so? Eh!?”
Quietly he just sits there, 10+ pounds of resistance.

“You talking to me, human?!”
Dang, the impudence of this cat!


37 thoughts on “Post 917: in which Dougy is a pest…

    • He’d fight being cuddled. (He’;s a boy after all!) BUT, I guarantee he is a wonderful cuddle for as long as you can keep him trapped in your arms! Same with Andy, though he lets me hold him longer than Dougy does, thanks, I think, to the daily medicine routine. He’s just used to being held more.


  1. I’m sorry but the first thing that struck me was how tidy your desk is. I think I’m involved with too many things. I have to clean this up.
    Dougy is trying out for a part in the movie….Taxi Driver. I hear they’re thinking about making an up to date version.



    • Andy likes to perch on my PC, and Dougy likes to take over my computer desk work space. Andy also likes to sleep on that shelf behind Dougy. He hides behind my all-in-one machine, where he can watch me and (he thinks!) not be seen by me. LOL!


  2. Now you know they have to keep us inline and remind us that we simply are allowed peace in their homes, and is we think for one minute we have our own space, we are quite mistaken.


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