08Aug23: a mysterious kitty business…

Andy bolted immediately after I tried to pet him.

“Where you headed, Andrew?”

Not my business it seems.

Whoosh! He’s gone…somewhere!

He came back. Time for Greenies.


I’ve no idea why Andy left the room. When I followed him, his “instructions” were vague.

I think he just wanted to test me out. “Does Doug follow me out here every time and do I always get my way when he does?”


Seems like this is how it goes these days. After a Greenies famine, a third container arrived yesterday. It’s one I called to stop. Chewy’s help people are very unreliable! The one I talked with supposedly took care of the excessive shipments.



23 thoughts on “08Aug23: a mysterious kitty business…

    • Part of it seems to be the computer automation and batch processes that run. I have run into this problem myself. If the order is not cancelled before the critical point in the cycle, it comes anyway. I have cancelled my autoships and decided to rely on myself.

      • I need to do that, too. I went from no Greenies to three shipments in a short time. Maybe Andy’s figured out how to use my laptop.

    • The late W. Edwards Deming, quality management guru, always said managers can’t do their jobs because they don’t know what their jobs are. He noted that a big management failing is expecting employees to do their jobs without written job descriptions, training needed to do their jobs consistently and correctly, they have adequate tools for the jobs they do, there is follow up to assure all of the above has happened, and mega-documentation of the whole shebang!
      It’s a say what you do, do what you say, and verify world if they want to be world class operations, according to Deming.

      I suspect the people in the help centers are damn glad they haven’t been replaced with people in India, but they barely survive on minimum wage or part-time jobs without health benefits.

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