09Aug23: It’s coming on!

Andy was up all night.

He was doing kitty things.

Like walking on sleepng Doug to try to get him up to feed the kitty!

It worked! Fed and purring, it’s time for a cat nap.


Andy has a grooming session at 3:30 this afternoon. Get ready for a shaved kitty! No, but he will be radically different looking till he regrows his coat.


My alarm clock – Andy – hops up on my bed when he’s ready for his breakfast. That usually is much earlier than I am ready to get up, of course, so I try to ignore him. He then kneads my pillow, a hair’s breadth away from the top of my head. Purring all the while, he then uses a tactic he knows proves I’m awake: he walks over to where I can reach him with my hand and I “scritch” him.

Having revealed I’m awake, Andy lets me pet and “scritch” him till he hops off the bed to meet me at the cat tree just outside the bedroom door. That is for more “scritches” and pets till he’s had his fill of that and he’s ready for kitty food.

But…first we play the “no mousies” game where I have to open all the kitchen cabinet doors for Andy’s mousie patrol. There never are any, but Andy waits till I assure him that’s because he’s the kitty.

After all this, he’s ready for kitty food. He goes into the front room till I put his plate of kitty food down and call his name with a “Andy! Kitty food…and you’re the kitty!” He comes, then, at a gallop.

It’s a wonder I get anything done!

23 thoughts on “09Aug23: It’s coming on!

    • Get a cat. LOL! I spoiled Andy and the late Dougy terribly from their kittenhood. What I learned over the years is a cat only needs you to do something they like once and it’s their routine forever. At least if it isn’t water related…

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