14August23: Andy can be a poop..

One never knows…





…one’s kitty boy.

Andy was a little poop when I tried to tape something in his presence.


One never knows when Andy will take an interest in something you are doing or in what you have to do it with. Thanks to kitty slobber, the tape didn’t stick on his fur when he got close. Of course, kitty play stifled progress on taping what I was trying to tape. I had to pull new tape off the spool three times before I managed to thwart Andrew’s attacks. 

9 thoughts on “14August23: Andy can be a poop..

  1. Wynken is the one here who goes after tape when I am working on boxing something up. One day she stole a munged up piece I had put aside, ate it much to my horror, then promptly threw it up. That was the only time seeing a cat vomit was a relief!

  2. I’ve read that there’s something in plastic that attracts cats … I believe it, I’ve had so many cats who want to chew or lick plastic products!

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