Post 1639: I braved snow; Andy not so much


Andy decided to take another look at the snow while I was bringing in groceries. “Nope!” he thought, “Still not for me!”


I drove up on the grass and parked so the rear hatch was closer to my front door. After taking groceries in, I had a small problem with traction – see the two bare spots where the tire tracks abruptly slide right?

After a little slide, though, I regained traction and managed to get my car backed into my parking spot on the opposite side of the lane. Just love winter and snow!   


21 thoughts on “Post 1639: I braved snow; Andy not so much

  1. Been there, seen it, done it ❄️ Drove a van one time with ABS ~ the brake pedal started shaking, the steering wheel was vibrating, a red lite was flashing plus an obnoxious buzzer!!! I almost bailed out 😉 After moving south to N.E. Tennessee there is only 1, 2 or the most 3 days of cabin fever then back on the porch for a cold one🍺 P.S. Washe cat is 24/7 indoor 🐱 He likes the birds at the window feeder perched in his ‘cat bird’ seat 😉


    • My two are 24/7 indoor kitties, too. Aside from being black cats (which makes them targets to ignorant superstitious people – and they do exist!), I live within a short distance from a highway and a busy main road, neither of which is cat-friendly.

      The ABS on both cars I’ve had with the system pulsed but didn’t make any alarming light show or sounds. It is counter-intuitive to only apply light pressure to the brakes when in a situation where ABS kicks in! I get plenty of experiences each year with the effect, so am used to it now. On the other hand, the brakes on my little VW require a very light touch to do their business, so I’m now used to giving my brakes just the right light touch when ABS kicks in.

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