11Sep23: a lazy Monday morning…

Andy refuses to hurry up this morning.

Maybe later he’ll liven up…if there are Greenies in it for him!

He has his standards after all.


I told you yesterday about how I somehow lost my new glasses, possibly by getting them tangled in the oxygen canula, a frequent occurrence. I noted the cost of replacement, how I found my old ones were just fine in the interim if I decided not to replace the new ones. I was hopeful, though, that I would find the new ones because, well, money-to-replace does matter! 

Derreck Knight commented: “Join the search for your glasses when they are on your face club. I hope you do find the missing ones.”

The truth of it is sillier than that, though consistent with having a senior moment: At some point after stewing for hours about losing them and double checking outside in a rainstorm by the dumpster where I’d put several bags of trash, inside my car (I have to use it to transport trash), by the front door where I took off the portable oxygen and switched over to the inside supply line, on the dining room table, in the pockets of the jacket I was wearing, and, yes, on my face to make sure the glasses I was wearing weren’t the missing glasses, I had an epiphany: What about the top of the CD cabinet by my bedroom door?

When I got up, I never put them on in the first place! Yes, that’s where they were!

That’s incredulous me in the photo. Those are the “missing” glasses on my face. I’m 99.9% sure of that!