02Sep23: we test Andy’s will…

These are “leftovers” from earlier. Not good enough for my kitty! Andrew expects me to put out new Greenies. I count 11 full Greenies, the size his Persian mouth can handle easily.



Andy gives up. It takes a few minutes for him to realize I’m not putting out more treats when he hasn’t finished the earlier ones. Good news for me because Greenies are pricey and now I have some proof I can put out fewer treats. Andy might eventually eat what’s there.

Six full-sized Greenies left. Andy ate five. I’m leaving these to further test my belief he’ll finish them, if not the smaller chunks that fell out of his mouth when he crunched down on the bigger ones. These smaller pieces are harder for Persian-faced kitties to eat.


Andy came back later and ate all but two of the Greenies on the lapboard. Then he tried to locate the tub of Greenies that he knows is somewhere next to my glide rocker. A sad story! I gave up and put a few Greenies on the lapboard to augment the sad two remaining ones.