19Sep23: Hey, Andy!

“Hey, Andy!” I call Andy by name.

He responds to it and…

…assumes there are Greenies in it for him. (Of course, he got some!)


I took several bags of cat litter (used – ugh!) to the dumpster. I’d put it off for too long, assuming they’d be a hassle to lob over the rim of the dumpster once I got them there. They turned out to be easy enough to put into the dumpster, thankfully, so that was an incentive to not accumulate them in future, thinking they’d be a hassle. The hassle was having so many piling up inside, taunting me! LOL!

I double and triple bag the used litter for security purposes. I single-bagged one once and it developed a leak when I picked it up. Of course, that was a delight to clean up off carpet.

I put Andy’s litter box “contributions” into a small container that grocery store plastic bags fit over. When it’s full, I slip a plastic bag over the container, invert it, let gravity transfer the waste into the bag by lifting the container out. Container out, I tie the bag off. Lately, instead of trying to stuff a full bag into a second one, I’ve doubled empty bags to save the hassle. I think I’ll start bagging “it” before the container is full in future, though, to make them easier to handle. A full bag must weigh 20 pounds/ 9 kilos!


Decluttering continues. It seems endless some days. Perhaps it is! The goal is to be more careful about buying things that seem to be necessary but turn out to be minimally useful. I tend to be a sucker for those sorts of gadgets! Cat toys are an especially good example of things that are money wasted. Andy is very fussy about toys, rejecting most of them.