12Sep23: wink…

Here’s seeing you!

~ wink! ~


It’s been a busy few months, off and on, of sorting and trashing stuff. I’ve lived in the same apartment for almost 19 years. I recognize that someone will have to empty and clean this apartment if I were to die or move to assisted living or a care center. I recognize, too, that my general health now allows me to do a fair amount of cleaning and trashing, but that could change any day! It’s imperative, then, that I continue to neaten up the apartment and do the cleaning necessary to make it suitable for habitation! 

So far, I’ve pretty much filled three or so dumpsters full of trash and things I no longer use. Yes, I could have a yard sale, I suppose, but I have better ways to use my time inside. I have another half dumpster’s load staged inside for after trash pick-up Friday. At least two other people use the same dumpster, so I left some space for them. I could have overloaded it, no problem, with what I have staged inside! I was tempted. Once, someone put a sofa in our dumpster, making it impossible for others to add much to it that week.

Coincidentally, the landlord’s doing apartment inspections in the middle of September, so I’m glad I’ve got a good start on cleaning, creating concealed spaces for things that had been on counters and any other available surface, and getting rid of clutter. I still have a great deal to work through, lots of dusting, lots of spider webs in high places that need knocking down, washing, and floors to sweep, vacuum, or mop.