29Oct23: Andy finds a new perch….

“Because it’s there!”

Thanks to a stern letter from my landlord about parking on the grass, my strategy to save me future multiple falls on their WWII broken-up pavement where I’ve previously had multiple falls, I made adjustments. I keep a walker in my car. Now, I will use it to get to and from the unhandy parking spot since using a cane is especially problematic on icy, snowy broken-up WWII pavement. It is in the way in the house since I already have another walker to get around inside but landlords come across sometimes as fascists, eh?! One takes their threats seriously. For example, they evicted one elderly person for not having a “sauber und gesundlich genug” apartment. Sieg heil! 


My longtime friend who lives in the holiday-decorated apartment across the lane, her daughter (who broke her ankle on the WWII broken-up lane last year and had a long hospital stay and lots of pain and suffering), and I had a delightful, refreshing glass of Martini and Rossi Asti Spumanti wine and a long talk yesterday afternoon. We’d talked about revisiting this wine of our youth for a long time but only got around to it since we had other priorities anytime we tried to do it.

As anyone who follows this blog knows, Andy has this routine of several years where he examines the kitchen cabinets for “mousies”. We never have any in all my years here, even in the pre-kitty years between 2004 and 2009. My neighbor across the lane, however, says she’s been plagued with 20 “mousies” so far this year! Perhaps I should lend her Andy. Would he know what to do with any he caught? He’s so sweet, I bet he’d drop the kitty-mouth wet still-live rodent at Linda’s feet, a gift.


Breakfast this morning was a success, even though I’m not a particular enthusiast for eggs unless I do lots of things to them to take away “egginess”. Specifically, I lightly sauté onion and green pepper in a skillet, then add grated cheddar cheese, a wee dollop of Dijon mustard, a squirt of Worchester sauce all whipped into the egg, poured into the hot skillet with the heat turned off, which gently soft-cooks the scrambled egg: perfectly prepared to my taste scrambled eggs! A light squirt of ketchup over the eggs helps further disguise the “eggy” quality of eggs. Peanut butter toast with grape jelly, a strong cup of French pressed coffee made with freshly-ground coffee beans, and a strawberry yogurt, the disguised eggs finished it off: breakfast was a delight! 


28Oct23: Andy stops by for attention….

Andy needs some love! (He’s driving me crazy wanting attention so I best better give it!)

~ Purr! Purr! ~

I think Andy’s approaching a finish.

Enough! Andy scampers off.


27Oct23: Some plan!

Andy is pensive today.

What’s up, Andy?

Andy seems to have a plan.

Andy rushes over to the end table.

~ Meow! ~

(What’s this all about, Andy?)

I guess it was predictable….


26Oct23: Andy stops by for a little “wuvving”….

“Hello, kitty!”

Andy stopped by for a little “wuv”!

~  Boop! ~

Oh yeah! A chin “skritch” makes a happy kitty boy!

Time to clean up for a nap.

Andy guesses a nap might have to wait.

Hey! Dougy was the comedian, Andy! I never expect you to be silly.

24Oct23: Halloween isn’t coming here, but…

Andy looked…

…but he found no signs…

…of Halloween in our kitchen cabinets (…or mousies).

The neighbor’s frog isn’t dressed for the Halloween celebration, either.

OK! There’s the Halloween decorations!

This is close as we get to Halloween decorations on our side of the lane.

23Oct23: retro kitties….

Dougy (left) and Andy try to get bug. (2020)

Dougy (left) and Andy on bug hunt. Dougy would die three weeks later, nine years and two weeks old, in circumstances never determined. He is missed because he was a comedian and naughty kitty. (2020)

Dougy on recliner. His horns are up!

Dougy on end table in guest bedroom. This is Andy territory… and Dougy didn’t care!

Dougy was a handsome kitty with beautiful orange eyes I rarely captured in photos.


I came across Dougy photos in old posts. I’m sharing them with those who weren’t around as subscribers when he was alive. I mention him from time to time, so I should show him, too. Andy and Dougy chasing bugs is a favorite memory I have of the kitty brothers. The one in my header of Andy stalking Dougy is another time that makes me smile.

22Oct23: Greenies, teasing the kitty, then a nap….

Andy will have his Greenies!

“Don’t point that thing at me!” It works both ways, Andrew….

~ Beep! Boop! ~

Nap time is inevitable.


Andy’s groomer is ending her service as soon as all current appointments are taken care of. She has medical reasons to do so. Andy’s last appointment is the 17th of November. After that, I think I will let Andy go “full Persian” instead of trying to find a new groomer.

His current groomer picks Andy up at my apartment, a convenience that can’t be minimized as I have disabilities that make the process of catching Andy, putting him in a carrier, then transporting him to a groomer a tedious job now that I also have to deal with an oxygen tank and tubing!

He hates being brushed, but that will be his price for a full Persian coat if he isn’t to be full of matted hair. I think he will be beautiful if pissed all the time. LOL!