11Oct23: I try to “wuv” my kitty!

Andy was handy and I was in the mood to give him “wuv”!

This usually makes him purr.

Well, maybe not today.

He hopped on my walker.

Andy thinks I can’t “get him” there!

I let him think that…then I reached over and continued giving him “wuv”

He was not happy about that.


Andy has his moods! While I tried to love him today, his mood was to keep distance from me. Later, he bugged me for attention, the little poop.

19 thoughts on “11Oct23: I try to “wuv” my kitty!

  1. My moody cat is Princess Cuddlebutt. Her nickname is “Evil”. She was very sweet and let everyone pet her when her arthritis was flaring. I know her new med is working cause she’s all claws/no touching, and people are learning the hard way.

  2. Ours are moody like that too! If they’re feeling friendly, it’s, look out, here I come! If they’re on some other mission, it’s, outa my way, I’m busy here!

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