20Oct23: slept in…

We slept in today. 

Now, Andy wants some wake-up Greenies, which must wait till I make a cup of coffee.

There it is. When it comes into focus, I shall drink it down. In the meantime, Andy’s headed off for a nap. This is going to be a messed up day!


32 thoughts on “20Oct23: slept in…

    • I did it several times myself this week. I must have needed it. As a retiree, I try to follow my body’s signals more closely than I did when I was stupid, young, and working!

    • Now you know…! LOL! my late brother had a full white beard. One time, a little boy saw him and got really excited. “Santa! Santa! Santa!” His mother tried to shush him, but…! Anyway, my brother said it happened a lot to him, so he just goes along with it and let the tikes believe they’ve had a Santa encounter. Dick, my brother, had a great way with children and animals and I mis him a lot. Andy and the late Dougy got really excited every time Dick came for his annual visit because they love, love, loved the way he played with them! Andy in particular usually doesn’t warm up to people, but he couldn’t get enough of my brother!

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