06Nov23: See what I mean?

It starts like this.

I try to pet Andy…

…but he rejects the hand! (“Don’t point that thing at me, Andrew!”)

But you’re my kitty!” He’s at his cactus scratching post here, marking it with mad scratches to tell me he’s the kitty and so there!

~Boo hoo! ~


Andy can be a little poophead! I know his fans don’t believe me, so I thought I’d post this to show how Andy can rip my chest open and tear out my heart!

I feel bad when he rejects me. The only antidote: Grab him, hold him, and make him to be my kitty! He hates that as much as I hate him acting like my hand is as hot as a steel furnace. Minutes later, he’ll return to the scene and demand attention, if not Greenies. Darn cat!!



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