14Nov23: morning is “RAWR the sparrows” time…

The blind cord was in the way.

I moved it, then…

…Andy noticed the blind cord was moving back and forth. Andy forgot he was “hunting sparrows” for the moment!

He sniffed it, then went back to Priority One, sparrows! The morning “RAWR the sparrows” time was back on!


Lavinia Ross sent me photos of the Salmon Brook Farms kitties, which is much appreciated since she has had to cut back of blogging. Here’s Wynken!

Awwww! Nod is looking as sweet as ever!

Silkie and Marcus know a good window when there is one!Β 

Thank you, Lavinia, for the photos of the Salmon Brook Farms kitties. I know I’m not the only one who misses your blog posts but appreciate that you have good reasons to cut back.Β 


Earlier, before “RAWR the sparrows” time, Andy tried to catch a gnat on the television screen.