12Nov23: a slow day….

This was a slow day. I barely got to dialysis after sleeping nearly nine hours and waking up 20 minutes before I needed to be at the hospital! I managed to get there just in time, even after a hurried shower and feeding the cat. Yes, I remembered to put on slacks! LOL! (Barely….)

I didn’t have any “omph!” left after dialysis. 

I mailed a letter after leaving the hospital, a big deal on a holiday because the main street was blocked for six blocks by police cars and patrolmen diverting traffic to secondary streets. I ended up taking alleys part of the way. On one street, I had to back up half of the way when I discovered the main street was still blocked there! I finally got to the mail drop off, but it was a challenge.

I watched a little television while eating lunch. A bit after 2 pm, I felt so exhausted, I took a nap, waking up a bit after 6 pm! I had breakfast for supper and tried to catch up on everything I missed doing because I slept.

Sorry this is a “thin” post today.