05Nov23: stopping by…

Hello, Andrew!

I know. You didn’t stop by for loving. Don’t get your tail in a fluff, Andy!

So predictable.


I took a post-dialysis nap only to wake up to a turned-off fan and clocks stopped at 1:58. I didn’t die without auxiliary oxygen all those hours, so I must not need it that bad. Anyway, what a tedious moment: clocks needing to be reset hours before the end of Daylight Savings Time. It was 7:54 pm, DST. I went ahead and reset them at the standard time hours. Frankly, who needs the stove and microwave clocks to be set at any time? I guess some people actually use the clocks for some features but I don’t. The best clocks are those that use a signal from Colorado to reset to the “atomic” time. Two of mine do.


Andy never learns that I will pick him up if he bugs me! He hates being held, so I enjoy holding him till he purrs when I tell him “…but you’re my kitty!”


26 thoughts on “05Nov23: stopping by…

    • The atomic clock in the kitchen didn’t get the message, it seems, so there is some ambiguity about the time. On the other hand, maybe I screwed up setting the microwave and stove clocks. Gad, I hate Daylight Savings Time! I’m glad I don’t have dialysis on Mondays so I can sort this out. Coming in an hour late is ok for me, but screws up the staff getting ready for the next group.

  1. That is good news the auxiliary oxygen is not so critical, at least when sleeping. Andy is a good little kitty boy. You may find he wants more attention as he gets older. I have noted that with my own cat crew.

    • Andy demands a lot of attention when I’m making my meals or trying to do my computer chores. When I try to show it back, well, check out my blog for 06Nov23, tomorrow!

  2. I wonder why some cats love cuddles while others want nothing to do with that. You are referring to WWV, it is located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Ham radio licensees like me are aware of this station since they can use the clock as part of world-wide communications. There is another station in Hawaii called WWVH too.

  3. I am glad you managed without your oxygen. I like the atomic clocks too. I am too lazy to deal with my car clock so it is off for 6 months of the year. 🙂

    • I’m glad, too. I have an pulse oximeter that I have on a lanyard around me next 24/7 so I can assure myself of a tolerable oxygen level. Waking up without it essentially all night that time, I was a bit down by 1% but within the normal range.

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