17Nov23: Nom! Nom! Food is good!

Andy enjoys his treats, as you all know!


Today is the day my classmates get together for our monthly luncheon. It’s Mexican today! Yes, burritos and tacos are on the menu.

I hope Suzie’s there today, too, because she’s the Queen of Margaritas – and I love a great “margie”!

I never know what to take but it has to be something I think everyone will eat so I don’t have to take anything home. With that in mind, I made lemon bars when I woke up this morning. I do know there are a couple of others who, like me, love, love, love the dang things. If any are left over, I know they will help out and take some home with them.

We’re meeting at Donna’s so I look forward to Tootsie the dog, too. I scared her the last time trying to lift her so will go easy this time! Maybe she’ll bring her tug-a-war toy over to me and we can play! I love my cat but I always – (whisper!) – was a dog person growing up.

20 thoughts on “17Nov23: Nom! Nom! Food is good!

  1. Chow down there, Andy! So sorry your luncheon was cancelled, and I send purrs for your friend to recover quickly. Someone we know just came down with Covid too. In another town, but not all that far. It’s definitely not over! We still take precautions when out.

    • It’s going around in my county. It isn’t a lot, but it isn’t something to mess with even if you are vaccinated and have had the boosters.

  2. That is a cute photo of Andy, eyes squeezed tight in the joy eating those treats!

    Have a wonderful luncheon with classmates at Donna’s! Hopefully little Tootsie pup will join you in a game of tug-of-war. Time with friends and family, and their pets, is precious.

    • Thanks! At our time of life, these get togethers are a great way to brighten the day! Unfortunately, some have passed away or been confined to care centers since we began these luncheons. We miss them, of course.

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