18Nov23: just stopping by…

Andy stopped by.

I asked him if he’d been a good boy. (When he last left me, he hadn’t been….)

“Oh! You just came back for Greenies!”

“And I don’t apologize for being a bad boy!”


I know you will wonder how sweet Andy might be a “bad boy”. When he puts his paws on me, he sometimes has his claws out. The time concerned above, it was on my bare knee and it hurt like hell!


I made lemon bars for yesterday’s AHS Class of 1966’s monthly luncheon. Unfortunately, it was called off at the last minute because of COVID-19, which has reared its ugly presence again in town. Sadly, I got up early and made the lemon bars, and now have to eat them all by myself.

Boo hoo! > fake tears <




18 thoughts on “18Nov23: just stopping by…

  1. Ha! Good one, Derrick! So sorry to you couldn’t have the gathering of friends though. Oh yes I have felt those claws out paw touches, too. Cute pics of Andy!

  2. Andy looks sweet no matter what! I am familiar with sharp little claws though, and what they can do. When I feel those painful pinpricks on the skin, I know it is time to trim claws again.

    I like Derrick’s “lemon lining” reference, too! Stay safe, Doug and Andy. I hope Covid stays far from your door and you are soon able to get back together again with friends for those luncheons.

  3. I like Derrick’s comment! I’m sorry the gathering was canceled but it did have a delicious ending, Doug. I love the photo of Andy on the table, he’s so adorable! But, it’s not adorable to claw Doug’s skin! Ouch…

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