Post 307: Andy’s new tub

Dougy has a favorite plastic tub that Andy knows better than to try sleeping in…!

Today, I decided it was worth 99 cents plus tax to give Andy his own personal plastic tub. It proved to be a good choice! I placed the tub high on top of a carrier that itself is on top of a settee, and it took Andy very little time to check it out:

andys new tub 2

Looks too small, doesn’t it? The boys are extra fluffy….

They actually are smallish to medium-sized cats, and the tub is exactly right for both of them.


I noticed a major boo-boo on this after (of course!) I posted it. I deleted it, then discovered Professor VJ Duke’s comment in an e-mail linked to the deleted version. Anyway, I hope he accepts my apology for accidentally deleting his comment, which I include here as a p.s. to this incredibly short and tiresomely redone and redone and redone and redone post!

Here it is:

Professor VJ Duke commented on Post 307: Andy’s new tub

“He looks so funny in there!”

To which I note, yes, I think so, too!

His blog is a hoot, incidentally, and here is a link:

Check it out!