Post 307: Andy’s new tub

Dougy has a favorite plastic tub that Andy knows better than to try sleeping in…!

Today, I decided it was worth 99 cents plus tax to give Andy his own personal plastic tub. It proved to be a good choice! I placed the tub high on top of a carrier that itself is on top of a settee, and it took Andy very little time to check it out:

andys new tub 2

Looks too small, doesn’t it? The boys are extra fluffy….

They actually are smallish to medium-sized cats, and the tub is exactly right for both of them.


I noticed a major boo-boo on this after (of course!) I posted it. I deleted it, then discovered Professor VJ Duke’s comment in an e-mail linked to the deleted version. Anyway, I hope he accepts my apology for accidentally deleting his comment, which I include here as a p.s. to this incredibly short and tiresomely redone and redone and redone and redone post!

Here it is:

Professor VJ Duke commented on Post 307: Andy’s new tub

“He looks so funny in there!”

To which I note, yes, I think so, too!

His blog is a hoot, incidentally, and here is a link:

Check it out!

10 thoughts on “Post 307: Andy’s new tub

  1. I have never understood a cats predilection for squeezing into a tub too small for him/her, haha. Donna had a tub bed from the shelter, which I threw out since the human prefers softer, better looking for the dog, so Donna really had no choice in the matter, even if she had preferred a tub! Hah!

    • When the boys were kittens, I bought them a bed shaped like a fish with its mouth open (they were supposed to snuggle inside it…), but Andy used it once or twice, and it ended up being clutter. On the other hand, the most beat up eyesore of a box is a treasured cat bed! I was pleased when Dougy decided he liked to sleep in the tub because it, at least, doesn’t look too bad even though it doesn’t look comfortable to me. What are we to do!? I think you had the best idea: toss it out anyway, and let our furry friends decide if they want a nice bed or a cold, hard one on the floor. 😉

  2. It really looked like you photo-shopped the photo as the tub looks way too small. Very cute and happy to see they both have their own. I have three dogs with a total of six dog beds for that same reason.

    • The photo was Photoshopped to increase contrast and to tighten the framing a bit, but that’s Andy and his tub in real scale! Dougy looks even more out of proportion to the tub since he is a bigger cat. You know cats, though: No box (or tube!) is too small to not try out. Both get in a tight curl in the tub.

  3. Ha! Andy looks very happy in his tub! I’m glad he got one! 🙂
    Yes, I know extra floofy… :-D…my doggie is like that…when he has his bath and his hair is all wet, he looks so skinny and little! 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • Andy’s about 9 pounds 7 ounces or so, whereas Dougy is closer to 11 pounds. When they were kittens, DOugy was smaller, but that changed around three or four months of age. Compared with Louie, at almost 24 pounds the last time he was weighed before he died, they are twigs!

      And yes, Andy liked the tub so much, he spent from 11:30 or so until 3 PM snuggled in it. I guess he wanted to make sure Dougy knew whose tub it was by getting a good “Andy stink” on it! 🙂

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