Andy has a lusty purr. Even though he is a small cat, it sounds like a low rumble, something I hear even when he’s on my right (deaf) side. It’s something else!

On the other hand, Dougy, the bigger of the two, has a very soft purr. I barely can hear it.

Today, following the advice I gave myself to do nothing, I stretched out on my bed for a snooze or some television (similar results, same venue). After a little rest, I got up, almost stepping on Dougy in the process.

“Oh, I’m sorry Dougley! I didn’t mean to step on you!” (Dougley is another nickname I gave him when he was a kitten.)

He was surprised, but unhurt. I picked him up the same, and held him with his front paws on my shoulder, his wee rump under my arm.

As usual for either cat, he struggled to get down. I pet him and reassured him I wasn’t planning on taking him to the bathroom to give him a bath, something neither boy will ever forgive me for though it’s been at least 10 months since the last time I had to do it.

Then I started to put him down, but stopped. I thought I heard something in my left ear. I leaned my head toward the struggling Dougy.

He was purring!

“You little fart,” I scolded, “You act like you are upset to be up here, but that is a happy purr, buster!”

When you are deaf, even partly deaf, to hear a kitty’s purr is a sweet thing indeed!

2 thoughts on “purr-purr-purr

  1. Thanks! Andy and Dougy make my day. I never know what surprises they have for me, but there’s always the familiar things I like about them: their soft, soft hair; their predictable wake-up call (for me) at not later than 3 AM; the way they meet me at the door when I come home from shopping; the way they share “blinkey-eyes” with me when I blink my eyes at them; their distinct personalities; and more.

  2. Great post. More please as he reminds me of my cat. I can’t have another one, so it’s nice to see. Did you see on Youtube there are all sorts of wonderful toys you can get these days. There’s even PC tablet games.

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