dried blood

I like to pet my cats, of course, but I also use petting time to check for lumps, matted hair, or other irregularities that need my attention.

This morning, while rubbing Andy’s nose, head, and ears, I felt something hard on the end of his right ear. It was dried blood. Worse, his ear now has a notch in it. Poor Andy!

While the notch doesn’t disfigure Andy’s beauty, it is there. Did it come out of a tussle with Dougy? I do hear some caterwauling during their play some days. Recently, I had to break up “play” that got a bit rough when Andy managed to pin down his brother under a chair. The chair helped Andy keep Dougy in the perfect position to terrorize. Andy definitely made his brother squeal like a little piggy till I stopped the rough housing.

The boys play well together almost all the time. That characteristic is why the woman who gave me Andy asked if I wanted Dougy too: They are best buddies, and have been since kittenhood.

Thanks to my cluttered home, the boys have plenty of hiding places from each other if they need quiet. They can climb high in every room if things get rough in play. They “play chase” each other through the house every day, an activity they enjoy a lot since they often trade places being predator or prey. The place is a mini peaceable kingdom, where my little guys can lie down with a lion or another lamb, depending on their moods and how much one wants the lounger by the door, for example.

That ear notch seems an odd business. Did Dougy do it or did Andy damage it on a loose staple on the new cat tree? If there is a loose staple, I need fix it. If it was excessively rough play, I need to supervise the boys a bit more closely. Speaking of which, Andy is sharpening his claws even as I type!

4 thoughts on “dried blood

    • Fortunately, nothing bad happened afterwards! The boys played well together, snuggled against each other, ate together, and just plain behaved! I think Andy’s ear was an accident more than the result of aggression.

    • They both are.

      Neither seems more dominant than the other most of the time, though they both have favorite spots in common where they like to hang out. There are ample such places, so if one wants a particular spot now, there are equally desirable spots nearby if he can’t psych his brother into giving up or sharing the spot they both want at the same time.

      They both claim me (of course! I give great nose rubs), but there never are “arguments” over exclusive rights to my magic fingers. They eat together, sometimes sleep together, and Andy often meows out to his brother to come play. (Dougy likes to sleep in the guest bedroom during the morning on the first cat tree, but Andy is more active then.) They usually are together even when not playing, sort of a “boy’s club” .

      It is possible they got a bit rough in play. It is a short tear, like one of Dougy’s canine teeth got snagged on Andy’s ear, and Andy jerked back.

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