Nebraska: The World From Above

This is for those who think Nebraska is flat and featureless. It’s also to give me a break from writing anything new! Enjoy! If you ever plan to come through, take a little time to take in the sights (and sites) that make this a unexpectedly interesting place to live or visit.

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15 thoughts on “Nebraska: The World From Above

  1. I love this video! I lived on the East Coast for nine years and there’s a long list of friends who need to see this. If they know anything at all about Nebraska, it’s what they’ve seen while driving Interstate 80. This will impress them!

    • It’s easy to dismiss the states in the middle of the US. Even going back to Fremont’s expedition (“The Great American Desert” label on his map), there were unappreciative visitors traveling through! LOL!

    • I am partial to it, since I’m a native! On the other hand, I can’t remember one place I visited in this country or other countries where I wasn’t amazed, thrilled, delighted with what I encountered.

      Nebraska tends to be one of those “there’s nothing there, there” states in many minds, but it has a subtle beauty to it. People who enjoy outdoor activities in particular enjoy visits here.

      One of these days, I’d like to take one of those rafting trips on the Niobrara River. That’s the one where (in the video) you see people floating in large circular stock tanks down the river. Canoe and raft trips are available, too.

    • Yes, I am a native Nebraskan from the far western end of the state. The series of videos produced by this group are all very interesting. It’s not the usual way we visit places, though there are remote control devices with mini-video cameras now that allow people on limited budgets to make this sort of video. The result isn’t quite as professional as the Nebraska videos, but I’m intrigued…!

      • Helicopters are fun! When I was a motion picture photographer in the US Army, I had the opportunity to shoot this sort of film from the side door of a helicopter. I had a strap to hold me in. They gave me the option of standing on the landing rails to film or leaning out the door. I (wisely!) chose to lean out the door, after re-checking the strap holding me in a few times. If you ever get a chance to ride in one, I highly recommend it!

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