05Oct21: too tired to finish watching…

Barely into the movie, Andy conked out.

Even during the violent scenes, he slept and slept!

He woke briefly during the Jack Teagarden solo. This was a treat for Doug, however, since he was a boy trombonist and big fan of the great JT!

The Teagarden band featured a clarinet solo, another treat as Andy’s Auntie Kathy was and currently is a clarinetist…

…so Andy, at least woke up and moved over to the ottoman not to watch that!

He missed out on some cool Jazz and a pretty good movie, but at least he got a good night’s sleep.



24 thoughts on “05Oct21: too tired to finish watching…

    • I’m always a bit amazed that he actually watches non-animal television programs, though he does, of course, enjoy animal programs, too!

    • Sleep IS good! I try to take a nap in the afternoon just because I am retired and can at this point. Post pandemic, I may be doing afternoon things more than now.

    • Yeah, that’s how it goes for me, too! This particular movie was shown at 10 pm, then 8 am the next day, so I had a good chance of getting through it one time or the other!

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