birthday toy blahs

The television advertisement showed happy cats slobbering all over the toy. Even old, fat cats spring up and play, the advertisement suggested.

You bought it! Now, weeks later, your cats mostly ignore it – and it runs on three C-cell batteries whether they play with it or it just sits there running, intending to seduce the little furballs!

I flipped the toy’s cover up on one side to expose the “mousie”. That, surely, will bring the boys in. Webcam ready, I turned the toy on: Dougy came at a full gallop! Here we go:

Hunh!? “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”?

Dougy has his priorities, and first priority apparently is paper!


The name of the second song, incidentally is Waunobe March, not Waunebe March, as it appears in the credits.

“Waunobe March” ~ Kevin MacLeod ( 
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

The first song also is a Kevin MacLeod piece:

“Cantina Blues” ~ Kevin MacLeod ( 
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

15 thoughts on “birthday toy blahs

  1. As to the carrier it was quite large, taller than it was wide and it was made of quite sturdy glittery very thick paper or very thin card so that it would stand by itself like a box would but I think because it was lighter and more flexible and manoeuvrable (had to google that and in the US it’s spelt without the o) he could get the better of it and it was like a mobile squashable box there was not much chance of him hurting himself so that he could run riot with it. He had more fun with that than anything else. That is of course apart from his mother, grandmother and uncle who he would beat up one after the other. It was wonderful to see how tolerant and patient they were of him. His poor grandmother got the worst of it.

    • I definitely plan on making a video. If I’m really ambitious, I might even do a shipping container opening (with cats bugging me for the box!) through playing with the new toy video. I can see the possibilities. (And the catnip!)

  2. This looks fun:

    My cat played for weeks with a large very strong glittery gift carrier bag kind of squarish like a box. It was light enough for him to play with in more ways that a box and it was so entertaining to watch, like it was upside down looking like it was moving around the room on its own.

    Ahother thing I wanted to buy my cat was a Pete the Parrot that repeats everything you say to it, which was on ebay at about $20.

    • LOL! That’s exactly what I like most about cats! The boys like paper sacks (don’t they all?), so I periodically ask the checkout clerk at the grocery to package groceries in one “for my cats”. Andy in particular goes nuts when I scratch on the outside of the bag when he’s examining the inside.

      I hate to say it, but the toy you attach a link to looks like something I’d buy! With any luck, it isn’t readily available over here in the USA, if at all, because…well…I’m going to check it out right now! Ha! On the plus side, it’s less expensive than the toy in this video, and looks like it’d be more entertaining for the cats.

    • Well, not only was it available from a dependable vendor associated with (100% positive rating), it was only US$14 (8.69 British pounds, or essentially the same price).

      With shipping and handling, it comes to US$19.47, or 12.10 British pounds. Your price – if you bought it off e-bay – actually is a bit lower at 11.98 British pounds with s+h or $19.28. My little darlings better love it! Ha! Yeah, I’ll do a video!

      They have a couple laser toys.

      One is a mouse-shaped hand-held device that uses an obscure battery I haven’t found yet in this small, isolated town.

      The other rotates, but I’m uncomfortable with it because the laser is exposed all the time. The boys both try to get right on it. I don’t know if there is potential for eye damage (the information sheet that came with it suggested that possibility), but the way they interact with it plus the fact it uses four AA batteries (!) make it an unhappy toy.

      This one you suggested sounds like a better deal at a much better price.

    • I recently had to replace my all-in-one machine. The boys hassled me through the whole process of taking it out of the box. Andy immediately took it up as a kitty fort. I’d like to toss it, but…! They claimed the box the Dyson DC41 animal vacuum came in in much the same manner. Little by little, too many boxes pile up, then I ruthlessly scrap out ALL of the boxes I can sneak past the cats. Ha!

      • I have photos of my cats trying to sit in packing boxes that are at least 10 times smaller than the cat. They turn around and around in the box until ready to settle in. I don’t think they know (or care) that they look ridiculous doing that.

      • LOL! Yes, it can entertain their humans for hours! Of my two cats, Dougy is the one that tries the “way-too-small-box” business, though it sounds like your cat takes it to a higher, more extreme level! Do you make videos? I’d love to see it!

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