Post 2189: surgery day…

The site of the fistula that had to be abandoned after it ruptured healed nicely and the swelling’s down. In the meantime, this array of catheters serves me for dialysis till approximately the first part of December. I get a new dialysis fistula created surgically today, Wednesday September 4th. 

business card photo

This is how I hope the kitty boys are till I get back from surgery in Scottsbluff.


This is more likely what they will be up to! 

38 thoughts on “Post 2189: surgery day…

    • Thanks! It was uneventful, though recovery was longer than heck because of blood pressure (high for a short time) and oxygen (low till I sucked on that oxygen till I elevated saturation to 97%). I was about to call 911 to get ahold of the police dispatcher to let her/him know I was in a hostage situation, send the special weapons and tqactics people!

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